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Easy Target<—————->Hard Target

Personal protection dogs are not a panacea for all of one’s protection needs and should be part of a total protection system.

Personal protection dogs – some things to consider. The first thing to consider is do you really want a dog. A dog is a living being and has certain needs, such as a need for exercise and constructive social interaction. Even the best behaved dog is going to be some extra work. Your first decision when getting a protection dog needs to be, are willing to have a dog in your life? Are you ready and willing put up with the little inconveniences that go with owning a dog. It’s also important to remember owning a protection dog carries with it more responsibility than owning an ordinary house pet. How much time can you put in to maintaining the dogs training?

Each person’s self protection needs are different. Every personal protection (self defense) system should start with planning.

Anticipate what kind of threat you may encounter, then mentally rehearse how you would deal with it, HAVE A PLAN. This involves simple things like looking at a map and planning how to get around in a new city, or planning to get money from an ATM before dark. Little things can make a big difference. Focus your attention on preventative security measures. You will want to think about, making yourself a HARD TARGET for criminals

Personal protection system some important elements

The first is good household security, which includes good locks, doors and door frames. You will also want to make sure your windows are as secure as possible. Every year many attacks occur, because the attacker found an easy target.

Remember, to be a hard target, the harder the better. Another area where people are frequently targeted by criminals is on the road and in our vehicles. This is why vehicles must be kept in reliable condition with proper maintenance, adequate fuel, and if possible a cell phone.

You should also develop your defensive driving skills and have a plan should things go wrong. You may want to think of defense scenarios and develop a standard operating procedure to deal with that type of threat. If you do this, you will be mentally prepared to more effectively deal with that situation.

Some people may choose to include weapons in their protection system.
A dog can be a great deterrent to crime and can be used as an effective weapon against those intent on doing you harm. There are many ways to incorporate a dog into a security system. The simplest is just to have a dog. At this level I would recommend a large dark color dog or one of the protection dog breeds. Simply having a formidable looking dog with you, can be a psychological deterrent.

Protection dog as burglar alarm and threat – alarm dog

The next level up is having an alarm dog or watch dog. Most of the protection dog breeds are good watchdogs and will alarm the owner to the presence of strangers. An alarm dog’s primary function is to look intimidating and bark at threats.

Protection dogs that look like they will bite – bluff dog

Progressing to the next level of self defense is what I refer to as a bluff dog. A bluff dog will bark on command, pull and lunge on leash while acting aggressive and may bite. This type of dog is not serious enough in its attack to stop a determined assailant. A dog like this is often easily backed down.

I am always amazed at how often these types of dog do effectively defend their handlers. Bluff dogs often give their handlers a false sense of security. If you own this kind of dog be aware of its limitations. training is often required to get a dog performing well as a bluff dog. I believe the bluff dog level of training includes a large number of average trained protection dog.

Protection dog as Man stoppers

Now we come to the dogs that can be used for serious protection. These dogs have the courage, the drive and the training to stop aggressive humans. At this point we are in the realm of true attack dogs. This class of protection dogs ranges from leash dogs on the low end to highly trained police or military dogs on the upper end.

Whatever type of weapon you choose to include in your security system, it must be emphasized that you also acquire the special training necessary to effectively use that weapon.

Firearms are a very good example. I suggest that anybody considering a firearm for self defense start by taking a firearm safety class. Then they should take a class to become familiar with their weapon and to learn the fundamentals of shooting. Since there is a big difference between target shooting and combat shooting, I encourage a class in self-defense shooting.

Your mind is your most important weapon.
Self-defense classes and martial arts can be a very good idea for those interested in developing a balanced personal security system. Self-defense classes should teach more than fighting back, they should teach the proper mindset for violent encounters as well as crime prevention and how to harden your defenses.

Learning how to make yourself a hard target is over half of self-defense. It is my belief that physical confrontation should not be the nucleus of a person’s self-defense strategy.

One of the big advantages of having a personal protection dog with you is that it makes you a much harder target to deal with.

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